Listed One Donating all Its Profits


Pricing Information:

  • FREE - For Posting - For 30 Days
  • $5 - For Highlight - For 7 Days.
  • $10 - For Premium - For 7 Days.



100% of Listed One Profits will be donated to The AIDS Trust of Australia (

We are proud to be the first Online Classifieds that decided to donate 100% of it's profits back to help the community to make the world a better place.

Unfortunately we are NO longer able to receive payment using conventional way, until we found a new payment solution please use litecoin which can be purchased from or or donate to any non-profit organization that you prefer and send your donation receipt to and we will credit your account the same amount of your donation + 20%.

All profit will be donated to the above-mentioned organization.

Thank you for your support to help us support the health research foundation, and please keep spreading the good intention of Listed One.